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I had one semester of nursing school remaining. The years of studying and tests came to an abrupt end with the diagnosis of breast cancer. Included in my therapy toward wellness was the recommendation to relax. Alone with my thoughts, I traveled back to a gentler time. Memories of my mother and grandmother engaged in the skillful dance of homemaking filled my thoughts. My grandmother always wore a different, colorful, handmade apron, two of which she shared with me. Now I wanted to sit down beside her and sew aprons. My grandmother started a story in my young heart.

Within that summer of therapy and decisions, I sewed many aprons and gave them as gifts. The recipient always shared a story about an apron. If my grandmother were here to tell her story it would probably include the day she shared her aprons with me. I invite you to remember your apron story or start a new story by sharing an apron with someone you love.

We've put together a collection of aprons to bring you back in time. After collecting hundreds of vintage aprons we've borrowed their charm, beauty, glamour, and practicality to create original styles reflecting these features. Our commitment is to quality aprons that will last generations. 
Our aprons are made in the U.S.A. Our aprons are reversible and made of 100% cotton. This makes them easy to wash and care for.  We make aprons for everyone:  men, women, and children. The sizes range from baby to generous (very large). 
When we first began making aprons, people felt compelled to share a fond memory about an apron with us. This has evolved into a collection of stories which are published on a small card and included when you purchase an apron. 
Feel free to send us your apron story which could become part of our archives. Please send it to leahjojamison@gmail.com
Our aprons make a unique and personalized gift that can be handed down through generations and will create new stories for years to come. 
Our Stories 
Mark's Story
From Florida, USA
Mama Fay, my grandmother, was a real southern woman. She made the best biscuits I've ever had. I can still see her wearing an apron, in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal. Mama Fay always wore an apron. She would go outside and cut a hicory switch wearing her apron, then come in and give it to us boys. And thats the way it was. She treated us like we were her kids and if we needed discipline we got it. All of the cousins were there and we all had such a good time. 
Annique's Story
From Tanzania, East Africa
My khanga (apron in Swahili) is not just for cooking. I wear my kanga for everything. I wear it to a funeral, the market, to work in my garden. There are so many uses. However, right before Rebekah, the missionary who teaches me the bible arrives, I pick a pineapple, cut it and serve it to her. Then I remove my kanga for our bible study. 
Donna's Story
From Connecticut, USA
My apron story began with my desire to have a night of romance and seduction. I prepared a fabulous dinner for my husband. I served it by candlelight wearing only a black tuxedo apron with stilettos. It made for one very memorable evening. 
Courtney's Story
From United States
Fiona was a friend of my mothers. When I was about 8 years old she gave me an apron that was hers when she was a child. I was never particularly interested in cooking, but once I recieved that apron, I would put it on whenever my mother was cooking. I really appreciated that gift. 
Kathyann's Story
From Florida, USA
In June 1990 at the age of 6, my daughter Courtney was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. In the year that followed Courtney underwent operations and treatments. While at Duke University Hospital I kept my sewing machine tucked away on the desk. Courtney loved to pick out fabric and watch me sew, therefore, while Courtney lay sick in bed I sewed pretty dresses for her. Tragically, Courtney passed away one year later and never saw the completion of all the projects we had planned. I didn't want the memory of my precious daughter to be forgotton. For 16 years the fabric remained neatly folded in the closet as if frozen in time. One day I had an idea; I would have the fabric made into aprons. Aprons are generational. They live on and on. The beautiful fabric of her life is woven of many threads cherished in my heart. 
Marisa's Story
From Rhode Island, USA
Sunday was the day we visited my grandmother. It seemed like we drove for hours before we would arrive. As I walked up the path to her house the smell of roasted chicken aroused my senses. Seconds later I was being embraced by Grandmai. Grandmai was always wearing a handmade apron. Those are good memories. 
Noelle's Story
From Ohio, USA
My story begins with a loving Grandma named Adelaide.  Today our four year old daughter, Avery, received her first apron for Valentine's Day from her  Grandma.  A special children's cookbook from Grandma also arrived.  In December, when Grandma visits for Christmas, Avery and Grandma will bake cookies together. We will always be reminded of Grandma's love and this special gift.  
Katie Lou's Story
From Georgia, USA
My favorite apron story happened the day I met my husband. It was the day of my sister's wedding. Back then times were tough and I was given the responsibility of baking the cornbread. My goodness, I was running around like crazy trying to get everything done. Just as I picked up an enormous pan of cornbread to put it in the oven, the doorbell rang. Me, being so nervous and all, dropped the pan. The batter went everywhere. I started to cry, but I had to run to get the door. I didn't have time to gain my composure. I opened the door. The most attractive man I'd ever seen had his hands full of white and red roses. He said, "I hope you're not the bride." We laughed so hard together as I wiped the tears from my face. Well I've been married to that man for 30 years now and I still have that same apron that got covered in cornbread batter the day we met.
Kerri's Story
From United States
As a child, we always had a yellow and white checkered apron in the dishrag drawer.  I loved to put it on when we had dinner parties.  It made me feel all grown up.
Jesse's Story
From Florida, USA
I got a cupcake maker for my birthday and i ternd 6 years old and when we got home we mad some cupcakes so we selled them to my neighbores for 1 doller to make people happy they tast like lemonade some people love them so much I am a good baker!!!! thank u so much for my apnon
Cynthia's Story
From Florida, USA
I grew up as a farmer's daughter in the Midwest, where my mother, Ronelva was renown as a great cook.  She was especially known for her pies and cookies.  It was a familiar sight to see her rolling out dough while wearing one of her homemade aprons, and I knew that soon amazing aromas would be wafting out of the kitchen!   When I married and moved to Florida with my new husband, it was such a treat to have my mom come stay with us ... and she would always bring her hand-written cookbook and one of her favorite aprons with her!  Later, after two of our three daughters were born, Grandma would often come to visit us and proceed to bake cookies with them on the day she arrived!  She lovingly made the girls their own aprons and embroidered flowers on the pockets!  When I was expecting our third daughter, my mother passed away suddenly.  I was heartbroken that our new baby would miss out on the wonderful memories that her sisters had made with Grandma.  Many years later, when our youngest girl got her own sewing machine, the first project she chose to make was an apron!  It was a rather difficult pattern for a beginner, but she did it all on her own!
Lisa's Story
From Maine, USA
I grew up in a large family: 11 siblingsand I think, NO, I KNOW, that an apron played a big role in that fact. My Mom was always in the kitchen bustling around wearing one of her many homemade aprons. But my fondest memory of aprons is that every time my Mom wore an apron, my Dad would sneak up behind her, kiss her neck and untie her apron strings. She lovingly scolded him each and every time for years! I always thought that sight was so romantic and wished that one day, I, too, would own a magical apron and a romantic husband like my Mom and Dad. My first project in home economics was an apron for Mom and it was a labor of love taking great time and pride in every detail. As I grew, my love for aprons did also, and today I now possess 100's of aprons....all styles and colors. I love to cook and when I don one of my many aprons, I am magically transformed into a culinary afficionado creating gastronomical masterpieces. My husband, upon seeing me in the kitchen wearing an apron, acknowledges the seriousness of my cooking, kisses my neck, unties my apron strings and then patiently waits for the tasty results of me and my magical apron!!!
Lynette's Story
From Washington, USA
I have many fond memories of aprons from my childhood. When I was about 4 or 5, my grandmother made my mom (her daughter) and I matching aprons. I still have that little apron tucked away! Both of my grandmothers always had their certain style of aprons they wore. And the ones they wore when they got home from church were always their very best aprons. I have since lost both grandmothers but not the wonderful memories of their aprons! I have my own and have made a couple for my mom which she often wears - especially when she has company. As one of the leaders of my church's Women's Ministry groups, I am hosting an event around the Apron! I hope to keep the treasured apron alive with our younger women. Your stories and this site have helped me to prepare and they have encouraged me very much - that's MY apron story!